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“Content mining is powerful but still under-utilized method in the research sphere. Computer analysis of masses of content items admits of exploring nebulous phenomena and developing new knowledge. It enables researchers, companies and citizens to add economic value of data, and society to benefit from it. Therefore, we consider it necessary to advance the legislative landscape so that it appropriately supports research, development and innovation in networked world.” – Kimmo Koski, Managing Director, CSC – IT Center for Science (Finland)

“In the last 25 years, the Web has disruptively changed the way we do research, the way we teach and the way we live. We are in the Era of Big Data but data and information are not simply ‘big’. Data and information are massive and humans need machine assistance to convert that data and information into knowledge. The Hague Declaration draws a framework to act in this sense, stating clear principles that claim for freedom to mine content and to analyse the available information in order to improve research and have a more and more intelligent society. This Declaration is one step forward towards the Open Science that we need to make possible a better world”. -Eva M?ndez, Lecturer and Metadata Specialist, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

“The rapidly changing digital environment, increased computing power and the sheer quantity of data being produced makes it essential for researchers and society to be able to use modern techniques and tools to help them make new discoveries. Research practices could be revolutionised and lives could literally be saved, if we can achieve better access to the knowledge contained within Big Data.” – Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, President, LIBER Europe (The Netherlands)

“Supporting TDM will become a core part of what research libraries do. The mission of libraries is to ensure access to information and support the generation of knowledge. In the digital age this means ensuring that digital content is available in a way that researchers can read and exploit it using current and innovative tools and practices.” – Susan Reilly, Executive Director, LIBER Europe (The Netherlands)

“Given the need to make sense of the ever-expanding literature and derive new insights, the Wellcome Trust strongly supports the right of researchers to mine content to which they already have lawful access. The Hague Declaration is an important step in demonstrating the common vision that knowledge discovery and reuse should not be constrained by existing legal frameworks and uncertainty. In particular, we are advocating for reform of copyright law at European level to permit data and text mining for all uses, both commercial and non-commercial.” – Will Greenacre, Policy Officer, Wellcome Trust (UK)

“This Declaration will be a key pillar in the foundation of Open Science, in strong and innovative economies and in a healthy society.” – Susan Reilly, Executive Director, LIBER Europe (The Netherlands)



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